Design Software SSI

integrated printing activity in one application

Daily software updates

Designed to satisfy customers who use additive manufacturing systems, SSI can handle complex printing tasks, works with few steps and in complete safety. The program and the print are updated automatically every morning: all 3ntr users always work with the most recent production parameters.

Full control

SSI software allows full control of what is happening during printing processes offer an integrated activity in one application.

Print server

3ntr printers can be networked with an optional print server to manage them locally or from anywhere in the world via browser. The printers configured in this way comply with the Industry 4.0 decree (super-amortization).

Remote control built-in

SSI is the intelligent control panel to make the most of 3ntr printers: a single program to place, prepare and print. Even remotely.



If you are already part of the 3ntr family, download the installer here.



Download the installation and operating manual